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Yoga at Fairway

Join us Mondays at 6 in Midtown for an hour-long open level vinyasa class.  I will be taking requests, so if you're dying to practice a certain pose or you just want to stretch, let me know!  I'll stick around afterwards to answer all your burning yoga questions.


The weekly class signup link will be here.  

Public Classes NYC

I make guest appearances in a few yoga studios throughout the city.  I will post those classes here as they are scheduled :)

Pranayama Workshops

Explore each of the different yogic breathing techniques, along with their benefits and contraindications, in a workshop setting! Different pranayama techniques can help you with everything from improving digestion, reducing stress, increasing focus, and promoting a good night's sleep! 

Email me for schedule. Mat or towel to sit on recommended but not required.  Summary handouts emailed after class.  $100 per person. 2 hour  session in person or online.

Corporate Wellness

Studies show that happy employees are more efficient, focused, and energetic at work.  This means increased productivity for you, and increased health and well-being for your employees!  All you need is a quiet room and I will come to you and take care of set up and clean up.  Each session will be specifically geared towards your company and employees in order to ensure that they leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle their responsibilities with a renewed sense of focus!  Email me to get started.

Upcoming Workshops

Check back here for upcoming workshops in New York City!

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