Just Like Om

Summer Schedule

Sundays 12:00 PM

Just Flow: Fly

Over the summer we will be using these classes as mini-workshops, focusing on a group of arm balances or inversions for 3-5 weeks.  We will dissect the poses, work on the strength and flexibility required for them, and explore lots of different variations. Through the end of July we will be working on forearm stand.  All levels are welcome!

Tuesdays 9:30 AM

Just Flow: Fly

Focused on building core strength and alignment as we transition from standing poses to inversions and arm balances.  All levels welcome!

Upcoming Workshops

Stretching Assists for Teachers

Sunday August 4

3:30-5:30 PM

Come join a small group of teachers and personal trainers as we explore ways to allow your students to release their muscles more deeply.  The first section will be on how to cue stretches and adjust students in group settings, as well as stretching series you can use to help students progress into deeper release.  The second section will be a lab on one-on-one assisted stretches you can use with your private clients.  Only a few spots left!  Email me for more info

Pranayama Workshops

Explore each of the different yogic breathing techniques, along with their benefits and contraindications, in a workshop setting! Different pranayama techniques can help you with everything from improving digestion, reducing stress, increasing focus, and promoting a good night's sleep! 

Email me for schedule. Mat or towel to sit on recommended but not required.  Handouts/worksheets and post-class refreshments included.  $50 per person. 3 hour session.

Corporate Yoga

Studies show that happy employees are more efficient, focused, and energetic at work.  This means increased productivity for you, and increased health and well-being for your employees! Available in 30, 45, and 60-minute options to best suit your company's needs.  All you need is a quiet room and I will come to you and take care of set up and clean up.  Each session will be specifically geared towards your company and employees in order to ensure that they leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to tackle their responsibilities with a renewed sense of focus!  Email me to get started.


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