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About Me

At the crossroads of Eastern Tradition and Western science, my goal is to create a safe, sustainable, well-rounded practice for each of my students, focused on whatever goals they have.

As a yoga teacher, private yoga specialist, and NASM-certified personal trainer, my mission is  helping people become the best versions of themselves, both physically and mentally, so that they have the energy and vitality to chase their dreams. Some of my specialties include yoga-strength fusion classes, mobility recovery, and chronic pain management.  Past clients include those looking to recover strength and mobility after injuries or surgeries, athletes hoping to improve flexibility and range of motion, and those battling chronic pain, both physical and mental.


I have a passion for helping people get to know how their bodies move most effectively, and love reading the latest research on physiology (yes, I'm a bit of a nerd!) With a bachelor's degree is Sports and Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology, as well as additional certifications in trauma-informed yoga, one-one-one assisted stretching and active muscle release technique, core strength vinyasa yoga, I have a variety of tools to help you set effective fitness goals, find the best way to meet them, and love every second of it.

Over the years, my yoga and fitness journey has led me everywhere from ashrams in India to anatomy and kinesiology workshops with leading experts in movement science, and from trauma-informed teacher training to the International Conference on Chronic Pain Management. This Western movement science background combined with the Eastern traditions I learned throughout Asia allows me to pull from a variety of modalities when assessing my clients and creating programs for them.  It also allows me to add a lot of variety to my classes and combine old wisdom and cutting-edge sports knowledge, giving my students the best of both ancient and modern practices, while ensuring that their bodies stay safe.  

While I originally came to yoga as a way to recover after gymnastics injuries and to stay fit while pursuing a part-time modeling career, I soon discovered yoga’s ability to help me slow down and stay sane in the midst of a city continuously moving at the speed of light. This eventually led me to Rishikesh, India, a holy city known as the “Birthplace of Yoga,” to complete my 200 hour teacher training. Hitting plateaus in my personal practice and in my hiking and climbing abilities led me to strength training, and a deep belief that we need a mix of various kinds of movement to live our best lives.

My passion is helping others learn how to use their bodies most effectively in order to see benefits in their their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in their everyday lives as well.  I believe that the best movement program for each person is as unique as their fingerprint.  I also believe that yoga can help achieve a variety of fitness goals and is a great modality of cross-training for athletes.

Wherever you are in your movment journey, whether you're just getting started, returning after a break, or looking to refocus your practice, it is my aim to meet you where you are and help you move in the direction you want to go.  This can mean anything from wanting to build a healthier lifestyle for yourself and get in better shape, to regaining your mobility after an injury, to learning more about breathwork and yogic philosophy.

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