About Me

At the crossroads of Eastern Tradition and Western science, my goal is to create a safe, sustainable, well-rounded practice for each of my students.

I am a 200 hour registered yoga teacher and private yoga specialist whose passion is helping others use what they learn on the yoga mat to benefit their their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in their everyday lives as well.  I believe that yoga is as unique to each person as their fingerprint. And so, in both my group classes and private session, I incorporate props, variations, and plenty of alignment cues and adjustments so that each student can get as much out of each class as possible. 

Over the years, my yoga journey has led me everywhere from ashrams in India to anatomy and kinesiology workshops with leading experts in movement science, and from trauma-informed teacher training to courses in holistic remedies. This Western movement science background combined with the Eastern traditions I learned throughout Asia allows me to add a lot of variety to my classes and combine old wisdom and new knowledge, giving my students the best of both ancient and modern practices, while ensuring that their bodies stay safe.

While I originally came to yoga as a way to recover after gymnastics injuries and to stay fit while pursuing a part-time modeling career, I soon discovered yoga’s ability to help me slow down and stay sane in the midst of a city continuously moving at the speed of light.   This eventually led me to Rishikesh, India, a holy city known as the “Birthplace of Yoga,” to complete my 200 hour teacher training. 

Over the years, I have studied with many top experts in the yoga community, including authenticity expert and Core Strength Vinyasa founder Sadie Nardini, and anatomy and kinesiology expert Noah Maze.  I am certified in trauma-informed yoga through Liberation Prison Yoga, and have completed holistic health coaching courses as well.

Wherever you are in your yoga journey, whether you're just getting started, returning after a break, or wanting to move past just the physical poses, it is my aim to meet you where you are and help you move in the direction you want to go.  This can mean anything from wanting to build a healthier lifestyle for yourself and get in better shape, to regaining your mobility after an injury, to learning more about breathwork and yogic philosophy.


New York, NY, USA

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