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One-on-One Sessions

NOW OFFERING SESSION IN SOUTH BEACH!  Practice on the sand or in the park, with the ocean as your backdrop.


Feeling stuck in your practice?  Need a little bit of extra motivation?  Want to do yoga but focus on a particular strength or mobility goal? A private yoga session can help you push past plateaus in your practice and advance your skills.  It's also a great opportunity for you to ask all those questions you've been dying to ask in your group classes.  Simply contact me for a free consultation, and we'll build a session around your goals.

Yoga is also great as a supplement to traditional physical therapy to help you regain mobility after an injury.  I combine my Western anatomical and physiological training with Eastern ideas on energy to help you get back to BETTER than you were before your injury.

Yoga for Complete Beginners Package

Want to get started with yoga but don't know how? This 5-class intro will give you everything you need to begin a life-changing journey.  Each of the 5 classes has a unique focus, from alignment to proper breathing technique to common pose names and modifications.  We'll even use the principles of anatomy and biomechanics to tailor poses specifically to how your body is made (ie: tight hips or hypermobile elbows), so you can move safely and with awareness and confidence in a group class setting.  At the end of the last course, you'll receive a checklist for beginning your home practice!  

Private Group Sessions

Book a session for you and your friends! Enjoy all the benefits of a private class, with the added bonus of spending time with people you care about. Your options for the kind of class you want or limitless.  Choose a traditional class style (like Vinyasa flow or Hatha), pick a class with a particular focus (Strength and Flexibility, Tone Up, Mind-Body Balance, or Deep Relaxation), or theme the class towards something you all enjoy (bookclub yoga session, anyone?).

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